Please note: Most issues can be resolved simply by updating to the latest version of Jaxx Liberty. Download now.

Below you'll find information and solutions to 99% of the most common issues our users are experiencing.

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Jaxx Classic has been discontinued and we have turned off all the support infrastructure for it on march 13 2020.

To resolve your issue please migrate to Jaxx Liberty now. Here is a guide on the migration process: It's very simple, free and it only takes 2 minutes.
You can get the latest version of Jaxx LIberty from


SOLUTION 1) Are you using the most recent version of Jaxx Liberty?

This is the most common reason why initialization issues will occur. It is important to be running the most recent release of Jaxx Liberty to ensure functionality, security, performance and the latest features.

Check which version you are running by going to MENU > ABOUT and make sure you are running Version 2.4.1

You can download the most recent version of Jaxx Liberty from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

SOLUTION 2) Have you been sending mining or faucet rewards to your Jaxx Liberty Wallet?

If you have, you'll need to redirect them and import your balances into a full node wallet to transact them. Jaxx Liberty is a light wallet and just like all other light wallets, mining or faucet transactions have too much information for light wallets to handle.

More about this here:

SOLUTION 3) Do you have a stable internet connection and are you using a VPN, TOR or a firewall?

Ensure you are on a stable internet connection because when wallets are initializing the data flow must be strong and consistent. Switch to a different network and try again. Also ensure to turn off your VPN, TOR or firewall.

SOLUTION 4) The specific wallet network may be temporarily down.

Please try again at a later time to check to see if the balance has been corrected.

SOLUTION 5) Try a clean install.

This will remove any old or outdated data that might be causing issues. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COPY OF YOUR BACKUP PHRASE before going through this process. Please review the article(s) below for the specific platform(s) you’re using.

For Desktop Versions

For Mobile Versions


Android users experiencing a wallet reset issue, read this.

If you paired your Jaxx Liberty Wallet to another device and still have it there, you can get the 12-word Backup Phrase from there by opening up Jaxx Liberty on that device and going to the MENU > View Backup Phrase. You can then use those 12 words or the QR code representation of the 12 words to pair your wallet on any other device.

Unfortunately, if you did not pair your Jaxx Liberty or or Jaxx Classic wallet on any other device and did not save a copy of your backup phrase, you have lost access to your wallet.

You are in full control of your Jaxx wallet and we do not store user security information on any of our servers. There isn’t a way for us to recover your backup phrase as we never have it, it’s only stored on your device and it never leaves it.


If you set a Password in your Jaxx Liberty wallet, that password only exists on your device and does not transfer to other devices you have the wallet paired on. If you pair another wallet (or re-pair the same wallet) or even when you re-install the Jaxx Liberty application, the password will be deleted as well.

If you have your Backup Phrase, the simplest way to bypass a forgotten Password and remove it would be to reinstall Jaxx and pair it with the Backup Phrase. (If you’re using the computer native app, that would also require a wipe of the Jaxx Liberty app files from the hard drive). Before doing this, to be sure you have the correct Backup Phrase, pair the wallet on another device and check if the wallet addresses and balances match. Then you should re-pair on your main device to remove the password.

If you do not have your Backup Phrase, please know that we can not reset it or recover it for you as we are not storing any wallet private information on any server and passwords are only stored locally on your device. What we have seen other users do is try the most common passwords they have used in the past. Entering a wrong password multiple times will not lock the wallet, you can try as many times as you want.


This error shows up when the Jaxx Liberty app was unable to build the transaction on your device in order to broadcast it to the blockchain. It either encountered an error or it simply didn't have all the data it needed to build it.

First try to refresh your transactions list from the circular arrow on the top right. That should refresh all your wallet's data. If you’re still having the issue after this, try pairing your wallet on another device to see if you’re experiencing the same issue.

Have you been sending any mining rewards to your Jaxx Wallet? If yes please check this.


If your Jaxx Liberty is updated to the latest version, try to re-pair your wallet phrase to the app when getting this error.

Be sure to have the correct Backup Phrase by checking it in the MENU > View Backup Phrase section (have a copy written in a safe place before re-pairing), and then go to the MENU > Tools section > Pair/Restore Existing Wallet and follow the process to re-enter your 12-words to pair the wallet again.

If you're still seeing the issue after doing the above, please try to install and pair your wallet on a different platform like the native app on your computer or the Chrome Extension. You can get Jaxx Liberty on different platforms from here.


Jaxx Classic has supported the ERC20 token version of EOS. This token, built on top of a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, was a simple placeholder during their initial development phase. That process has been completed on June 2nd 2018 and as a result, the Ethereum smart contract has been been frozen and all EOS balances have been moved to the main EOS blockchain. Jaxx Classic has been supporting the ERC20 token version of EOS and we don't have clear plans on supporting the mainnet version of EOS at the moment. This may change in the future but this is the reason why there is no EOS wallet in Jaxx Liberty. What you used to see in Jaxx Classic, is now unmovable.

If you’ve completed the registration process when the mainnet was launched, you should seek an EOS mainnet compatible wallet and import your EOS mainnet keys to it to manage your EOS from there.

We highly recommend checking the EOS website and some of their communities listed there for further assistance on gaining access to your mainnet EOS.


What you see in Jaxx Liberty should be the correct information. If you were using an outdated version of Jaxx Classic, it most probably wasn’t able to get the latest information from the blockchain and was showing you an incorrect balance. Due to that, you may see some balances in your Jaxx Classic wallet that have already been transacted out and are now showing up correctly in Jaxx Liberty.

Jaxx Liberty is only an interface to the blockchain and when updated, it will show your wallet’s information from all the blockchains we’ve integrated.

If you believe some of your Jaxx Liberty balances are incorrect, you should always check the blockchain to see what your wallet balances are. You should get all your wallet Public Addresses (from the MENU > Display Private Keys) and use one of the public blockchain explorers available to check the balance of your wallet addresses. For Bitcoin you can use Blockcypher for example and for Ethereum you can use

If you notice any differences between the blockchain and what you see in Jaxx Liberty, please reach out to our support team with screenshots and Transaction IDs so we investigate.


This may be caused by having Ethereum balances in multiple addresses of your wallet. Since your ethereum wallet is no longer HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) you need to consolidate all your ETH into the main address first, before being able to send new transactions.

Here’s what you can do:

  • - In the Ethereum wallet, open the “receive screen” a1nd copy the address you see.
  • - You will then need to use a different wallet (such as to send all the ETH in all those addresses to you main wallet address that you copied above.
  • - Once all those transactions have 6+ confirmations you will be able to send out ETH through Jaxx Liberty.


Depending on the platform you are encountering this issue on, there may be several reasons for this situation:

On Desktop and the Chrome Extension:

  • - Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
  • - Deactivate your VPN (as it can interfere with the app getting your wallet information),
  • - Deactivate your firewall if you know it has verys trict policies and try to allow Jaxx Liberty full access to the network.

On mobile devices:

  • - Check the Android or iOS version is above the minimum requirements (Android 6.1 or later and iOS 9.0 or later). Having an old operating system may cause the issue due to outdated technologies.
  • - Some old devices that can run OS versions newer than the ones above could get the same issue due to not enough processing power.
  • - Make sure to be using a strong internet connection and max network coverage also change between WI-FI and cellular mobile data to test it out.
  • - Turn your VPN off.

If none of the above apply, we’re here to help. Please submit a ticket to our support bot team for further assistance.


If you’re getting this error consistently, there may be something wrong with the application data on your device.

Please make a copy of your 12 words Backup Phrase (from the app MENU > Security > View Backup Phrase) and then reinstall the Jaxx Liberty application with the latest version avaibale and pair your 12 words back to the app.


Being a light wallet, Jaxx Liberty, like other light wallets, does not support mining or faucet rewards due to the very high amount of information in those mining payout transactions.

If you've sent mining rewards to your Jaxx wallet in the past, even once, you may experience issues along the line of wallets not initialising, errors while trying to send the. This is not due to some limitation we set in Jaxx Liberty, it's simply because there is too much transaction information in that wallet and the app<>server communication timed out.

The option you have now is to download a full node wallet, sync it with the entire blockchain (may take some time) and then use the import private key feature in that wallet to import your Jaxx balances which you will then transact from this new wallet.


Maybe you haven’t activated that wallet yet? You can activate any of the 80+ wallets available in Jaxx Liberty by going to Jaxx Liberty MENU > Settings > Manage Wallets

Also take into consideration the follwing:

  1. If the asset you’re looking for was migrated to a main-net, it may have been deactivated from Jaxx Liberty as we’re not supporting their mainnet blockchain. You can go to that project’s official website and follow their instructions to gain access to your mainnet assets.
  2. Your Jaxx Liberty wallet app may be outdated and it doesn’t see the latest information from the blockchain to display it for you. Please head to the downloads page to get the latest version now.


Jaxx Liberty supports 80+ coins and tokens, including the most popular ones. Here’s a list of them.

To activate a new coin/token wallet in your Jaxx Liberty app, go to the top right corner and open up MENU > Settings > Manage Wallets. From here you can turn on or off different wallets, either scrolling through the list or use the search field and type the wallet you are looking for.

There isn't a way for you to manually add a wallet by yourself if we're not supporting it already


We do not require you to enter an email address, your phone number, or any other personal information when you create your Jaxx Liberty wallet.

Jaxx Liberty wallets exist based on a 12 word Backup Phrase (generated when the wallet was created) that can be used to restore your wallet at any time.

If you have a Jaxx LIberty wallet already, you can find your Backup Phrase in the MENU > View Backup Phrase >.


This issue is most probably caused by incorrectly entering your backup phrase. Be it a typo or a word that is not part of the dictionary, it’s one of the most common issues we see when users report this issue to us.

Try scanning the QR version of your phrase if you have it as that ensures there are no typos entered when pairing your wallet. If you don’t have your QR, try toggling the button to see the actual words your typing instead of the ***. That would make it easier for you to spot typos.

If all your words are correctly written, try to see if all your 12 words are part of this dictionary. A word may be correctly spelled, but it also needs to be part of this list of words to be a valid one. If any of your words are missing from that list, look for close friends in that list and try them out. Note that there can be false friends too, where a wallet will open but you won’t see your crypto assets there. This means that you’ll need to keep looking; though that word is in the list, it wasn’t the one that unlocks your wallet. Only the specific 12 word phrase you had in the previous wallet will open that exact wallet.


We know mistakes happen, don’t worry, you’ll be able to recover your BTC without any issues by following a few simple steps.

All you need to do is to get your BCH Private Key for the address you sent the BTC to and swipe that Private Key through the BTC Paper Wallet Import process. Your BTC will show up in the correct place soon


A few reasons why this may happen could be due to an outdated transactions list in the wallet view or maybe because your exchange has been held by the exchange partner due to a specific reason. Before anything else, please be sure that:

1. You are using the latest version of Jaxx Liberty. You can check your current version by opening the Jaxx Liberty app and viewing the About line in the MENU (☰). If your version is below 2.3.9, check and get the latest version installed.

2. Open the wallet you're missing the transaction from and use the round circular arrow (↺), at the top right, to manually refresh your wallet transactions. Do that while on the Transactions History page for the wallet you're missing the amount from.

If your transaction is still not showing up after doing the above, you may want to reach out to the exchange partner you used to see what is the status of your exchange.
- For Changelly open and start a Live Chat discussion with them from the lower right corner of the page.
- For ShapeShift open and use the Support bubble at the lower left side of the screen.

Should you need additional assistance on this issue, we're here. Please reach out to us through the form here.


You may be getting an "Out of Gas" error when trying to send Ethereum to a smart contract address (like an exchange) and you haven't set an enough mining fee (e.g. Gas Limit).

All Ethereum transactions need to cover the mining fees with Ethereum, under the form of Gas. Each transaction broadcasted from your wallet will need to have a specific Gas Limit that tells the miner how long they can attempt to run your transaction. If that Gas Limit is lower than what is needed, the transaction will fail with an "Out of Gas" error message and your ETH will be unlocked back to your wallet (minus the used Gas).
Check with the receipient of the ETH on what Gas Limit you should use and then active the Smart contract view in the Jaxx Lberty Send screen to edit that Gas Limit manually. For more information on the Smart Contract sending feature and more details on the Gas Limit, please check this guide.

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