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Customer support available within wallet
Previously, Jaxx Liberty customers had to send us their technical support questions through Social Media and ticketing systems (e-mail). Unfortunately, scammers have gotten very good at impersonating us on those platforms. We want to prevent our Jaxx Liberty users from becoming crypto victims, so we’ve made a leap forward by integrating a smart in-app support system. Not only will you get a more convenient way of receiving assistance, but it’s also immediate and tailored to you. Please be sure you’re running the latest version of Jaxx Liberty so you can get the support you need directly in your Jaxx Liberty application. Safe. Fast. Tailored.
No access to Jaxx Liberty or can’t get the app started?
Be sure you have the genuine Jaxx Liberty application. Download it through our official website, https://jaxx.io/downloads. Any other download source could be a copycat app that wants to steal your crypto.
If you can’t access Jaxx Liberty on your main device, try re-installing it, or install it on a different device such as a computer. If you plan to reinstall the Jaxx Liberty application, do it only after you’re sure you have a correct copy of your wallet 12-word Backup Phrase written down.
Always remember: Never share your wallet security information (12-word Backup Phrase or Private Keys) with anyone. Not even with "us". You should be the only person who has that information, and we never need it to help you.